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Our network of affiliated practice owners are focused on the highest level of care for their patients and they are looking for other like-minded pediatric dentists and orthodontists to join them.

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Working for a D4C Dental Brands supported practice allows you to do what you do best – provide high quality dental care to patients – while maximizing your work-life balance. You’ll be supported by a team of employees for all your non-clinical elements such as marketing, compliance, payroll, IT, and human resources, all while maintaining your clinical autonomy. Plus, with hundreds of supported dentists around the country, connecting with other doctors for clinical support is easy.

Work that matters

At D4C Dental Brands, all team members are uniquely positioned to make a difference in the lives of patients. As the leading and fastest growing support organization for specialty dental practices, we are able to enhance and advance the overall patient experience. We believe that when committed teams come together with dedicated expert dentists for the purpose of helping children achieve a lifetime of great oral health, the results are tremendous. This shared commitment is the foundation to everything we do.


Being part of something bigger than ourselves is a key motivation for our people, but compensation is important too. We value the professional skills and experience of our team members, recognize successes, and reward performance. You have your choice of where to work and we want our affiliated practice owners to be your employers of choice. That is why we support our affiliated doctors with a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that includes: group health coverage, a deferred compensation plan, disability insurance, 401K opportunities, paid vacation and dental and orthodontic treatment discounts.

These are a just a few of our current opportunities.

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Read what those who have joined our network of pediatric dentists and orthodontists have to say.
Dr. Rosario Pinero Correa

Pediatric Dentist, Florida
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2018

I enjoy being a pediatric dentist, and D4C Dental Brands helps me to spend more time with my patients without worrying about the administrative part and without sacrificing my clinical autonomy, They are always able to answer all my concerns and questions. I have found the balance between work and quality time with my family, every afternoon we do exercises, biking, always looking the best spot to watch the sunset together.

Dr. Eric Armakan

Pediatric Dentist, Virginia
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2018

Working with D4C Dental Brands has been a great experience. As a doctor with a growing family, it gave me the opportunity to have a great work/life balance. I’ve had the benefit of working with a wonderful support system at the office while having the peace of mind of not worrying about the hassles of practice management.

Dr. Tisha Ross

Pediatric Dentist, Georgia
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2009

I have really enjoyed affiliating with D4C Dental Brands. They take care of all the behind-the-scenes business operations, which allows me to put 100% of my focus on our wonderful patients. The support D4C provides me and my staff is truly invaluable, and I appreciate the enthusiasm they have for my practice.

Dr. Marc Weber

Orthodontist, Maryland
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2018

It’s great to have a mentor when you are just starting out and with D4C Dental Brands I have a team of orthodontists who are ready to support me.

Dr. Latoya Callahan

Orthodontist, Maryland
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2017

D4C Dental Brands has provided the support needed to run my practice so I can focus on patient care. It also allows me to integrate technology to provide comprehensive care for my patients.

Dr. Keith Camper

Pediatric Dentist, Maryland
Affiliated with D4C Dental Brands in 2018

Working for D4C Dental Brands has given me the stress-free lifestyle and financial freedom I’ve always dreamed of. I feel support from every aspect of the company, making it a pleasure to come to work each day.

Dr. Jason Latham
Dr. Jason Latham

Orthodontic Specialist

Prior to my career in orthodontics, I worked in a hospital based healthcare setting.  I value a support team that puts the patient first, and an environment where interdisciplinary collaboration is the norm, and not the exception.  D4C has allowed me the opportunity to focus on my patients, and allowed access to a wealth of resources from my professional colleagues on a day to day basis.

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