Exclusively Supporting Pediatric and Orthodontic Practices.

As the fastest growing and largest pediatric dental and orthodontic specialty network in the United States; our success comes from our focus on supporting high quality patient care and our shared vision of “Raising the Standard in children’s oral health."

Shared Purpose

Helping Children achieve a lifetime of great oral health.


Raising the standard in children’s oral health care.


Patients first. Advocate for children
Outcome driven
Engaged and Accountable
Mutually respectful

Quality Care

We are partnered with pediatric and orthodontic practices who are all committed to providing expert care to their patients. That translates into quality care for every patient. We provide extensive training, state-of-the art supplies and regulatory and compliance support.
The pediatric and orthodontic practices D4C Dental Brands supports are committed to treating patients with world-class, high quality clinical care.

D4C Dental Brands is a committed member of the Dental Quality Alliance whose objectives are to:

1. Identify and develop evidence-based oral health care performance measures and measurement resources.

2. Advance the effectiveness and scientific basis of clinical performance measurement and improvement.

3. Foster and support professional accountability, transparency, and value in oral health care through the development, implementation and evaluation of performance measurement.


D4C Dental Brands provides the doctors it supports with instant access to a network of hundreds of other supported specialists from multiple states around the country, allowing doctors to collaborate with colleagues regarding a variety of issues including newly published clinical studies, peer case reviews, and emerging dental technology, procedures and products.

Dental Quality Alliance


D4C Dental Brands sponsors continuing educational opportunities for its supported dentists, allowing them to learn about emerging quality related information and data, collaborate with clinical colleagues, and obtain CE credits needed to maintain licensure.

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Our Team

Alistair Madle
Chief Executive Officer
Charlie Coulter, DDS
Chief Dental Officer & Practice Owner
Tony James
Chief Financial Officer
Jim Shealy, DDS
Director of Doctor Recruitment & Practice Owner
Jerome Casper, DMD
Regional Director of Doctor Recruitment & Practice Owner
Isabel Driggers, DMD
Regional Director of Doctor Recruitment & Practice Owner
Chris Bove
Chief Operating Officer
Andy Lyness
General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer
Jimbo Cross
Chief Development Officer
Tatiana Sycheva-Johnson
Human Resources Director
Cliff Hogan
Chief Information Officer
Kevin Gaines
Director of Purchasing & Real Estate
Brian Friedman
Senior VP of Affiliations
John Reedy
Director of Affiliations
Allie Hale
Affiliations Coordinator

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