Tatiana Sycheva-Johnson

Human Resources Director


Tatiana Sycheva-Johnson graduated from the State Academy of Management in Russia with a BS in Personnel Management. She started her human resources career in the hospitality industry in Moscow, Russia, where she participated in launching three brand new 5-star properties over the course of 3 years. In 1998, Tatiana relocated to Georgia and subsequently joined Concentra, where she spent 13 years partnering with the region’s operational leaders to execute business objectives, drive employee engagement and improve overall employee experience. Much of her time was spent on mergers and acquisition activities, employee integration, training and promoting the company culture. In 2013, D4C Dental Brands recruited Tatiana to become its Human Resources Leader. Since joining the company, Tatiana used her expertise to develop the HR infrastructure and build a team focused on developing top talent by valuing, engaging and supporting a diverse workforce.

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